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Belmont Eye Surgery

To provide optimum patient care and service to the patient's total satisfaction, in a cost-efficient manner.

To provide patient and family comfort and skilled efficiency through total quality management.

Modern Technology

Belmont Eye Surgery focuses on making ophthalmic surgery an effortless experience for the patient. Conveniently located within Belmont Eye Clinic, Inc., patients park directly at the point of entrance to the suite, eliminating the confusion that sometimes accompanies having surgery at a hospital.

The Surgical Suite provides an accessible flow pattern for the patient. Contained within adjacent rooms are the pre-op area, one operating room, one laser surgery room and one recovery room. Furnishings were selected for comfort and optimum efficiency for the corresponding procedure.

Total Quality Management

The success of Belmont Eye Surgery is driven by management's strict adherence to quality assurance guidelines. We are committed to monitor the quality of patient care, to enhance and assure staff development, to assess documentation, to promote environmental safety and to monitor the cost of delivering care in an effort to guarantee patient service satisfaction. Problems identified will be addressed immediately with the solution to be reassessed. Risk management works in tandem with quality assurance. This also is a commitment to the quality of care and a dedication to the preservation of a safe environment. Such commitment encompasses the protection of all who enter the facility-patients, guests and staff members-through the development of and monitoring of all systems, programs and equipment entrusted for the purpose of delivering care.

Patient Service Satisfaction

Our goal to attract and retain personnel with outstanding ability and positive, willing attitudes, affords Belmont Eye Surgery an organized competent team that provides efficient and skillful support to physicians in the care of our patients. Our staff consists of professionally licensed ophthalmic registered nurses and technicians, who are specifically trained for preventative eye care and eye diseases. Assisting the surgeons at all times are a certified ophthalmic surgical technician, a registered nurse and a CRNA. Our primary and foremost concern is for patient welfare and comfort. Continuing education is mandatory for all technical staff members. This keeps the facility current with new technology and assures our future capability to provide high-quality care. In-office educational programs are conducted for support staff in order to insure optimum care at all levels.

Easily Accessible

Belmont Eye Surgery is located at 3020 Belmont Avenue within Belmont Eye Clinic, Inc. This prime location is readily accessible to patients residing in Mahoning and Trumbull Counties and is equally convenient to residents of western Pennsylvania especially those in Sharon and New Castle, Pennsylvania.

The facility offers safe and convenient door-to-door parking and is handicap accessible.

Belmont Eye Surgery is Medicare approved facility and licensed in the state of Ohio and has attained certification by Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).

Since opening, Belmont Eye Surgery has completed thousands of surgical cases successfully in a cost-efficient manner with the least psychological, emotional or physical trauma possible, while returning the patient to his/her social environment within the shortest and safest time frame. Some of these cases include cataract extraction's with IOL implantation, trabeculectomies, corneal transplants, secondary implantation of IOL, Yag Laser procedures, repositions of IOL, strabismus (muscle), Keratectomy and pterygium removal, as well as Bladeless Laser Vision Correction.

Our continuous goal is to provide cost efficient optimum care in a safe, comfortable environment for patients, family members and staff.